Laser­-Prec company provides laser cutting service of sheet metals in a technology that creates enormous possibilities. We can offer you cutting with laser beam using lasers of: Bystronic and the latest generation laser of Trumpf. They are characterized by high efficiency and excellent precision of every element manufacturing.
A range of processed materials:
­-stainless steel – up to 15mm thick,
-­mild steel – up to 20mm thick,
-­aluminium – up to 10mm thick.

Cutting elements out of with a laser beam combined with modern control technology allows us to get:
– very high quality and accuracy of cut out elements – 0,1 mm,
– 100% repeatability of cutting elements out,
– the highest quality of the edges without reworking,
– freely designed or thought up shape,
– the shortest execution period for orders.

Our machines, one of which has a table of 4000 mm x 2000 mm, and another one’s of 3000 mm x 1500 mm, allow us to use whole materials and to cut even 20 mm thick sheet metals precisely. We price the enquiries on the basis of technical drawings. We work on our clients’ materials as well as those from our storage. In our storage you will find:
– DC01 cold­rolled sheet metals 1­2,5 mm thick in 2500×1250 and 3000×1500 mm formats,
– S235 hot­rolled sheet metals 3 – 15 mm thick in 3000×1500 mm format,
– S355 hot­rolled sheet metals 3 – 12 mm thick in 3000×1500 mm format,
– 0H18N9 acid­resistant sheet steel (1.4301 lub 304) 1­10 mm thick (folied up to 5 mm foliowana with 2b surface) in 3000×1500 mm format.