Laser-­Prec company provides laser cutting service of sheet metals in a technology that creates enormous possibilities. We can offer you cutting with a laser beam using Trumpf lasers, which are characterized by high efficiency and excellent precision in the manufacturing of every element.

A range of processed materials:
­-stainless steel – up to 15mm thick,
-­mild steel – up to 20mm thick,
-­aluminium – up to 10mm thick.

Cutting elements out of with a laser beam combined with modern control technology allows us to get:
– very high quality and accuracy of cut out elements – 0,1 mm,
– 100% repeatability of cutting elements out,
– the highest quality of the edges without reworking,
– freely designed or thought up shape,
– the shortest execution period for orders.

Our machines, one of which has a table of 4000 mm x 2000 mm, and another one’s of 3000 mm x 1500 mm, allow us to use whole materials and to cut even 20 mm thick sheet metals precisely. We price the enquiries on the basis of technical drawings. We work on our clients’ materials as well as those from our storage. In our storage you will find:
– DC01 cold­rolled sheet metals 1­2,5 mm thick in 2500×1250 and 3000×1500 mm formats,
– S235 hot­rolled sheet metals 3 – 15 mm thick in 3000×1500 mm format,
– S355 hot­rolled sheet metals 3 – 12 mm thick in 3000×1500 mm format,
– 0H18N9 acid­resistant sheet steel (1.4301 lub 304) 1­10 mm thick (folied up to 5 mm foliowana with 2b surface) in 3000×1500 mm format.

Laser-Prec, as the service provider that is up to perform your orders comprehensively, offers also proffesional sheet metal bending using modern CNC press brakes. Our press brakes with the pressure of 175 and 125 tonnes allow to bend 0,5 up to 8 mm thick sheet metals (up to 10 mm on the shorter side) with lengths in excess up to 3 m. The software package enables us to design and check the possibility of bending before performing a detail. We are well- equipped with the necessary equipment to edge bend complex details’ shapes and our range of tools is successively widened.

We provide our Customers with:
– rapid customer care,
– short execution period for orders,
– 100% repeatability of the shape,
– high quality product.

Our offer cannot miss cutting metal sheets with a guillotine because as a company providing cutting services, we attempt to comprehensively fulfil your needs in this field. Guillotine cutting
is a service which enables us to optimise costs of straight cutting the metal sheets. Straight elements do not require laser cutting. We use the guillotine mainly in cutting 6-mm thick
materials. Our guillotine handles 3000-mm long metal sheets.

We cut with the guillotine such materials as:
-carbon steel,
-corrosion- resistant steel,
-copper, brass,
-plated steel, etc.

3-diagnostic-servicesAluminium and steel welding

In order to propose the complex service we have enriched our offer with welding and joining metal using different methods. Our machine facilities include a number of best quality welding machines. The specialists who work on them have the necessary knowledge and skills that allow them to perform even the most complex constructions made of black steel, stainless steel and aluminium. We offer MIG/MAG and TIG welding methods.

-­Mild steel
-­Stainless steel


MIG/MAG welding method (Metal Inert Gas / Metal Active Gas) is a form, in which we use a consumable wire electrode shielded by inert or active gases. It is worth pointing out that argon and helium are the most treated and used as the inert gases and carbon dioxide itself or its mixture with argon is treated as the active gas shield.

Welding is a process which requires both the company and the person providing the service directly to be experienced and precise. It has to be stressed that the companies offering aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel welding are obliged to remain compliant with the highest standards.

Furthermore, one can distinguish another welding method ­ TIG, which is based on using infusible tungsten electrode in inert gases cloud. Argon, helium or their mixtures can be among such gases. This method is widely used in aluminium and its alloys welding and it is one of the most versatile of the various welding processes.

Powder painting

Świadczymy usługi z zakresu malowania proszkowego. Dzięki tej technice powierzchnia malowana uzyskuje estetyczny wygląd, a powłoka farby pozostaje w idealnym stanie przez długi czas. Wszystkie elementy są przygotowywane do malowania poprzez obróbkę chemiczną. Właściwe przygotowanie powierzchni daje gwarancję uzyskania doskonałej powłoki lakierniczej. Tak wykonane elementy odznaczają się wysoką odpornością na szkodliwe działanie czynników atmosferycznych.

We offer services in the field of powder coating. Thanks to this technique painted surface gets esthetic look and the layer of coat stays in an ideal condition for a long time. All of the elements are prepared for painting through thermal treatment. Proper reparation gives guarantee of getting perfect varnish layer. The elements done this way are characterised by high resistance to the injurious influence of weather factors.

Our powder paint shop offers painting of steel and aluminium constructions in colours selectable from available range of RAL chart. Standard thicknes of the varnish coat is 60 to 80 micrometres.


Locksmith’s services

Laser­-Prec company couldn’t do without an important link the locksmith’s are. They are experienced staff members equipped with very good quality tools i.e. drills, grindstones, sheet metal benders, bandsaws for cutting profiles and pipes and others. All of that gives ideal final effect resulting in the product that you expect.

Locksmith’s were formerly treated as high rank craftsmen. The profession attracts respect to this day. Experience plays the considerable role in the quality of services performed by them. It has enormous influence on the final effect of works performed by the locksmiths.

People pursuing this trade then must feature remarkable precision, knowledge of the trade, must know up to date trends and the newest devices used for locksmith’s treatment. What’s worth emphasizing is that when offering services in manufacturing and repair of metal works such as for example gates or railings one need to show some artistic skills.