3-diagnostic-servicesAluminium and steel welding

In order to propose the complex service we have enriched our offer with welding and joining metal using different methods. Our machine facilities include a number of best quality welding machines. The specialists who work on them have the necessary knowledge and skills that allow them to perform even the most complex constructions made of black steel, stainless steel and aluminium. We offer MIG/MAG and TIG welding methods.

-­Mild steel
-­Stainless steel


MIG/MAG welding method (Metal Inert Gas / Metal Active Gas) is a form, in which we use a consumable wire electrode shielded by inert or active gases. It is worth pointing out that argon and helium are the most treated and used as the inert gases and carbon dioxide itself or its mixture with argon is treated as the active gas shield.

Welding is a process which requires both the company and the person providing the service directly to be experienced and precise. It has to be stressed that the companies offering aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel welding are obliged to remain compliant with the highest standards.

Furthermore, one can distinguish another welding method ­ TIG, which is based on using infusible tungsten electrode in inert gases cloud. Argon, helium or their mixtures can be among such gases. This method is widely used in aluminium and its alloys welding and it is one of the most versatile of the various welding processes.